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Why İstanbul?

The eye gazes sleepily across the seductive blue sweep of the Bosphorus: One country - two continents.

As diverse as night and day, the only thing they have in common is the miraculous mirage that is İstanbul -a hotchpotch skyline of sensually shaped mosques, minarets and styscrapers scattered across seven hills.

İstanbul is rapidly becoming one of the most popular international congress and exhibition destinations as a result of the increasing demand for suitable facilities. İstanbul is a city competing professionally to fulfill the demands.

İstanbul is the real Turkish delight, a mixture of old and new where east meets west. The city is an exciting combination of the splendors of the Ottoman past and the modern amenities of a wide variety of international deluxe 5-star hotels.

Guaranteed to make your meeting, conference or incentive a memorable success, İstanbul is the gateway to the rest of Turkey - definitely a paradise preserved.

A City of Harmony in a Country of Variety
The cultural diversity of Istanbul defines exaggeration. A Roman city converted into Christianity. It was also the seat of Islamic caliphate that preserved the patriarchate of Christian orthodoxy. It has been a refuge for Jews fleeing Spain in the XV. Century and for those seeking asylum in 1930s. Belonging to 3 different religions and speaking 10 different languages, 26 ethnics groups live in İstanbul in harmony.

International Meetings in a Safe and Lively City
İstanbul is a metropolitan city with an advanced security planning and experience. The city has an astonishingly low record of crime according to Interpol statistics. General security is common in public places such as shopping centres and hotels and visitors should be prepared for security and/or identity checks at such places.

İstanbul is one of those metropolitans of the world that never sleeps. Thousands of restaurants, bars, discos and nightclubs offer a vigorous variety of entertainment for all tastes.

Shoppers’ Paradise
İstanbul is the shoppers’ paradise for carpets, leather goods, gold bargains and fashion. 4,000 shops under one roof make the fascinating Covered Bazaar with an irresistible location for eager shoppers, while the modern shopping malls make life easier for those on a tight schedule.

Value for Money

Prices in İstanbul, whether for shopping, dining or accommodation, are internationally competitive and attractive for all congress participants regardless of their nationality.

Easy to Access
Direct flights from more than 80 international cities by Turkish Airlines and more than 150 direct flights by different airways. İSTANBUL has a daily air access from almost 300 destinations.

Competent Infrastructure
Along with the most sophisticated equipment required for international congresses, İstanbul enjoys state of the art telecommunication systems and broadcasting infrastructure.

Unique Venues for Events
İstanbul’s imperial past has left a legacy of magnificent palaces and mansions throughout the city. Some of these are available for banquets, cultural and other special events. A memorable evening would be a three-hour cruise on the Bosporus with a five star catering. First Class Convention Facilities Congres Center, Turkey’s largest congress center, is located in the main business district of the city. It has been recently built to meet the standards of the world’s most modern convention facilities. Congres Center is in the center of a series of meeting and exhibition buildings all together forming the Conference Valley.

First Class Accommodation Facilities
İstanbul has more than 40,000 hotel rooms, some 15,000 of them built during the last 10 years at international standards, designed to please even the most sophisticated guests. There are 7,000 five star hotel rooms. These well-located establishments are on a par with Eurospe’s top-class hotels, offering the ultimate service and quality. International hotel management chains manage the majority. The number of 4 star hotel rooms that are fully air-conditioned and standard required for international meetings reaches 5,000.

Sites & Attractions
Hagia Sophia
Topkapi Palace
The Blue Mosque
Basilica Cistern
Turkish & Islamic Art Museum
Museum of Kariye
Whirling Dervish Hall
Rumeli Fortress
Beylerbeyi Palace
Grand Bazaar
Spice Market
Golden Horn
Galata Tower
and more...